How to properly use the AeroGlove® Dispenser

  1. Pass hand in front of dispenser sensor.
  2. Unit will push air into glove to inflate.
  3. Insert hand into glove.
  4. Gently push hand forward and lift glove from dispenser.

How to reload the AeroGlove® Dispenser

  1. Insert the "Lock Key" if equipped.
  2. Open the front cover of the AeroGlove® unit.
  3. Remove empty cardboard cartridge backer.
  4. Leave rubber band on new glove package.
  5. Insert cuff end of cardboard into clips located near the battery compartment.
  6. Insert cardboard tabs into the clips near the glove finger tips.
  7. Gently close front cover of the AeroGlove® unit.

Download printable instructions for reference.

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